Dinner with my little man

September 25, 2008 at 10:41 pm (Uncategorized)

So we have been having some trouble with my little man lately.  His brain is too full to take anything else in.  If it does it squishes out the other stuff and makes him forget.

He said to me that I am not spending enough time with him, so we left T with Grandpa Rob, took the girls to Youth Group and went to dinner.  A&W was his place of choice, complete with a mug that we get to take home to remember the occasion.  We worked on the puzzles on the side of the bag and sat to chat, but not about school because that makes his head hurt.  He just want to listen to the music and be romanced.  (His words not mine.)

It was freakin’ cold in there and I was ready to go fairly quickly when some twenty-some-things sat at the table kitty corner from us and started dropping the “F” bomb left and right.  Almost like when you first learn this word and spend a bit of time trying to fit it into conversation.

We left short of a root beer float and headed onto a new place. 

Being that it was 7:30pm I thought I could swing by the Verizon store and get a few questions answered because, and I will quote myself “There were only 2 cars in the parking lot.” At approximately 8:20 we left.  Never having our questions answered and our name still on the board.  See I promised him ice cream and we had to pick up the girls at 8:30. 

We swung by DQ and after trying to figure out what he was talking about, I made him get out of the car and point to it on the drive-thru menu.  I was only off by one.

We picked up the girls in the middle of a melt down and went back home to the land of chaos.

Aleast he had a great time.  I felt bad later that his night was some what wasted at the Verizon store, but I did let him play with ALL of the phones.


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