Playing Games with the Tooth Fairy

October 16, 2008 at 8:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Never play games with the tooth fairy.

Let me set the stage:

My little man had lost another tooth Tuesday at school.  Tuesdays are uber busy for me and I didn’t find out about it until Wednesday.  He forgot to put the tooth under his pillow.  We all agreed that he would do it last night.  I didn’t feel well yesterday afternoon.  I went home put on my PJ’s, made spagetti and just hung out.  When the girls got home from Youth Group, D took T, and I promptly got ready for bed.  I had two $1 in my pocket and forgot to discuss what need to be done with Rob.  So I hung my jeans over the side of the tub with the bills sticking out.

I got up this morning, made sandwiches, took a shower and came back up stairs to see my two $1 still in my back pocket and thought this can’t be good.  I stuck them in the pocket of my robe, walked into Jason’s room to find he is sitting up in his bed, he has two $1 in his hand, steam  coming out of his ears and Rob is sitting on the futon, looking like the cat that ate the canary.

And although I don’t remember it all exactly it goes something like:

Jason was upset that his dad was “playing games”. Playing games? Yep.  Playing games.  In Jason’s words, Dad took the money out of my pocket put them under his pillow and stole his tooth. 

I quickly pull the two $1 from my robe pocket to show him that I still have my money, but to no avail.  He believes that I originally had $4 in my pocket and his dad had ripped his mom off by taking the money from her pocket. 

He also is very upset because when he got up at 2:05 am to use the potty he found the $2.00, no problem right, exept when he gets to the bathroom, he finds the tooth – still in its container – sitting on the edge of the sink.  He puts the $2.00 in my jean pocket, with the other $2.00 and puts his tooth back under his pillow.

Rob goes to the bathroom this morning, sees $4.00 in my jeans pocket, takes $2.00 and goes to “see if the tooth fairy came”.  Thinking that he is all smooth like, he drops the $2.00 under the pillow and picks up the tooth.  Acting all suave he informs Jason that the tooth fairy did come and all is well. 

WRONG! He is promptly called out for “playing games!”

While dad was busy doing this, according to Jason, it appearently did not give the tooth fairy a chance to get in there and leave him the $5 he believes the tooth fairy will leave him.  Now if I am seven and I believe the tooth fairy will leave me $5 and I catch my dad leaving me $2, well I would be steaming mad too!

This is were I had come in just as Jason was telling Rob that he “knew what he was up too and he wasn’t going to ge away with it!”

We gave Jason his tooth back and let him know that dad didn’t mean any harm, he thought he was helping the tooth fairy and that it wouldn’t happen again.

This is why I urge you to never, ever play games with the tooth fairy.


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