November 4, 2008 at 3:49 am (Uncategorized)

Was a few weeks ago.  The girls were very excited.  Chelsea went on her first ever “real” date.  Funny enough, it was his “first date” too!

My Sister-in-Law took them up to Manito to get some photos.  (She is continually trying to update her portfolio.) She is an amazing photographer. Go see Paper Horses.

While she braved the streets with 4 teenagers in her car, my astounding co-worker came to help turn the Ballard house into  Chateau de’ la Ballard:

We set the table:


She brought her ipod with date music and once they return she became their private server:


We started with a Cesear Salad, then followed it up with Chicken Picatta and Alfredo Sauce, with a side of Roasted Rosemary Red Potatoes:


Then for the Grande Finale Kim brought her “Fantasy Cake”


We hung out in the kitchen and let them be teens.   Jason came in and made himself some macoroni and cheese and finished off the sparkling cider:


We finished about 6:45 which would have been perfect if the dance started at 7pm like I thought, but no I was, get this I was wrong!  The dance began at 8pm. So they had an hour to kill before it started.

So we took pics:



I know, I know : What beautiful girls I have, hunh?

They went and had a great time and I got to learn what an amazing co-worker I truly do have!

Thanks Kim.


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