January 23, 2009 at 6:23 am (Uncategorized)

Yep.  Eight years ago today I left work for a check-up and didn’t return for 10 weeks. I called Rob and said “I am not going home without a baby.”  He arrived shortly later cussing and swearing about the quality of tires and how they vibrate horribly bad at approximatlely 100 mph. 

He was in Pullman when I called.  How he didn’t get a ticket in Colfax remains one of lifes unsolved mysteries.

My back started hurting while we were laying there and they informed me that I was infact having back labor again but they were going to stop it.  With every contraction Jason’s heart rate would drop.  My Dr came in and said they had scheduled the C-Section for 8.  If I go any sooner the on call Dr would have to deliver anyway.  So she took her son to dinner for his birthday, then was going to come back and we would “celebrate my son’s birthday”.

I remember laying on the operation table asking Rob “What are they doing?”  “He started going and going on and on, when the very nice man next to Rob started saying “NO! NO! NO! We have that curtain up for a reason!”  They took Jason out, Rob left me and I woke up a few hours later.




Chelsea loved having a baby brother.


And Rob . . well:


Now here I sit 8 years later.  I took off early from work, went and bought cupcakes.  Headed over to his classroom and hung out for the last hour of school.  We came home, grabbed his derby car and took him over to Brian and Christi’s so he could take it to inspection.  I took D to run some various errands including going up to get her state ID, twice and it still didn’t happen.  We then went to J’s basketball practice. Afterwards we went to Chili’s and had dinner. 



This weekend at his request we will have pizza.

Yep!  That’s my baby!


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  1. christi said,

    I simply cannot believe he is 8. Wow. And I cannot believe how much Chelsea has grown. Where have the past 8 years gone?

    It’s funny how life happens when we aren’t paying attention.

    Happy Birthday Jason!!!

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