The Surprise.

March 31, 2009 at 4:47 am (Uncategorized)

The boys left on Friday to suprise Rob’s step mom for her birthday.  It had been almost three years since we had been to Tacoma, and alot longer than that since Rob has seen Ralph. (His step-brother, the brother in law I have, yet have never met.

They went with Mike and his boys in the Mom mobile.  I bought Rob a “dad camera” so he didn’t have to take the mom camera.  It did well for what I paid for it.

Here are some of the goods:


Mom and Jason practicing with the new cam, so he can teach his dad how to use it.


Gladys and her grandsons.  (Check the snarl Jason has going on.) 


Uncle Ralph and Grandpa Bill with the boys.


Mike and Rob with their uncles, Dennis and DeWayne.


And hanging with the Cuz, Jeremy.

All in all I think they had a great weekend. 

Chelsea and I went to D’s softball game on Saturday and it was windy.  I had fun meeting her friends and got some great shots:


Exchange contraband . . peanut butter cups . .


Dancing over a ground ball. . . She did great caught two pop balls and had fun.

The girls spent most of Sunday at the mall, looking for dresses for Military Ball.  It was  . . . A day at the mall with 3 teenage girls. 

Rob and I went to our first night at Exploring Christianity.  It is a 10 week course on the book of Mark.  We are in a great group and it will be fantastic.

Well that is enough for tonight.  Hugs to all . .


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